Best Travel Workout Ideas

Tip #1)  Book a hotel that has a gym –  No matter where you are traveling to, you can probably find a hotel that has a gym in it.  Sometimes the gym is free of charge for people who are staying at the hotel and other times there is a fee.  Don’t forget to bring your work out clothing, sneakers, music, and head phones.

Tip #2)  Bring your laptop and watch a work out DVD –  The best part about work out DVDs is that they are designed to do in the comfort of your own home or in the backyard.  Bringing your laptop with you allows you to pop in the tape and start moving.  If you have a good pair of bluetooth outdoor speakers then move your laptop to tha patio or poolside and enjoy your working up a sweat out in the open. A good work out for beginners is the Leslie Sansone Walk from home work outs.  Despite the fact that this work out is meant for everyone, it’ll definitely still make you sweat.

Tip #3)  Take a swim in the pool –  A lot of hotels have an indoor or outdoor swimming pool.  Taking an hour out of your day to go swimming can help you burn a couple of hundred calories.  An added bonus of swimming is that it’s a low impact exercise.  Make sure to get a hotel with a good washer and dryer as you will want to completely dry out your trunks before packing them away.  Look for name brands such as Whirlpool or Kenmore as they are some of the best.

Tip #4)  Jump rope –  A piece of work out equipment that is extremely easy to move around is jump rope.  It’s light weight and can provide you with a good cardio workout.  Cardio is important for anyone who wants to burn calories and/or lose weight.

Tip #5)  Know where you are going before you leave –  It might be tempting to work out by walking around and exploring a new place.  But you should take the time to know where you are going before you leave your hotel.  Knowing where you are going and getting directions before you leave can keep you safe and prevent you from getting lost.

Tip #6)  Find someone to work out with –  If you are someone who is traveling for business, you should see if any of your coworkers plan on working out while you are away.  Having someone to work out with can provide a lot of encouragement and motivation.

Tip #7)  Thirty to sixty minutes a day –  Even though you are traveling, you should still aim for 30-60 minutes worth of exercise a day.  Exercising for at least thirty minutes ensures you that you have burned calories and gotten a heart healthy work out.

Tip #8)  Work out on the day you travel –  It is easy to miss a work out on the day you are traveling.  But there are simple ways to burn calories while you are on the go.  Using the stairs instead of taking the elevator can burn up to fifty calories.  When you get to the hotel, you should park far away so you can take some extra steps.  These small changes can make a huge difference when it comes to burning calories.

Tip #9)  Chair work outs –  A chair can be an effective tool for working out.  You can give yourself a mini tummy tuck and improve your balance by sitting up straight in a chair and then lifting your legs upwards.

Tip #10) Go outside –  One thing I always do is find a place close by to do an outside hike.  Just in case I have some trouble with a wild animal or have to navigate through a river I always bring some type of diving knife with me in my pocket.

Whether you are going away for a day or a couple of weeks, traveling can have a negative impact on your workout routine.  Bringing a pair of sneakers, taking the chairs instead of the elevator, and popping in an at-home work out DVD are simple ways to burn calories when you travel.

When the Trails Call Out

Think of bicycles as ride-able art that can just about save the world – every biker would relate to this, no matter what part of the world they’re in.

The thrill of speeding down a trail or the break of sweat upon carrying your bicycle up a trail is second to none and the more you do it, the more addictive it gets. When you are out on a trail, you are truly in the nature’s lap and if you make it to one of those picturesque places, all your senses are in for a grand treat. The air you breathe, the scent of daffodils, music of leaves falling in your ears and a beautiful painting elaborating itself in front of you are just a few soulful desserts you get the blues for later while on a trail.

If you are looking for some good trails out there, you might have to come a little distance away from the city. The countryside would present you with some of the best trails ever and in order to get there, you need to pack properly and set out in your car. If you are in a group, you can even ride your bike on the open road instead of letting it rest on the hitch bike rack mounted on your car.

Mountain Bike Trail 2

On the other hand it you are traveling all by yourself, make sure that you get your car serviced and take with you everything you would need to have the best of times while reaching your destination and on the trail –

  1. Make sure that the hitch bike rack on your car is properly mounted with no lose ends.
  2. Since you have a car with you, you can go a little heavy on the packing and take along a few extra things that you can leave in the car later on when you set out on your bike. Pack a quilt if you are going for more than a day and get some packaged food and a lot of liquids and fruits.
  3. Make sure that you also take along an extra tire with you, just in case if your bicycle has a bad day!
  4. Take clothes with you and add some extra cycling gear as well.

While biking can bring the joy that resides close to nature, driving on the highway in your car can be as thrilling as well. A little off-roading would not hurt as well! If you are looking forward to an adventure that involves your car and your bike, you’re journey is already packing a punch with it. Simply mount your bike on the hitch bike rack and hit the road to experience those little moments of heaven on Earth.


Garage Storage Racks For Your Outdoor Gear

When you’re searching for storage racks for your garage, you will likely come across many different styles and options. Being the adventurer and loving the outdoors, you have a lot of outdoor gear you might want to store in your garage, but do not have the space to do so. You want to store your bikes in an organized and safe manner, making sure that there is enough space for your car without damaging your bikes.

Different Types Of Racks

These racks comes in different sizes and are made for different purposes. Having a bike storage rack in your garage will prevent your car getting banged up from the bikes falling over. Overhead racks in your garage will enable you to hang up your bikes, making it easily accessible, but also be out of the way.


Overhead racks can also be useful for your other outdoor gear like kayaks. Put up more than one rack so your outdoor gear can stay organized and out of the way, giving you more space in your garage for your cars or anything else you would like to store.

The Mechanics Of These Racks

Ceiling or overhead racks or storage units come with mechanical lifting mechanisms. They lower to the floor, allowing you to easily pack them with everything you want to store, and raising it back up. This makes it simple to store away heavy and large objects without having to lift it overhead. Bikes are not that heavy to lift, but can still be difficult and can cause injuries if not hanged up properly. Kayaks for instance are a bit more heavy, making these lifting mechanisms the perfect option.

Organizing Your Gear On The Walls

You may also be interested in organizing all of your tools, sporting goods, car accessories and other household products. In this case, you may be looking into building shelves in your garage or a variety of other options that are available. For example, consider installing slat walls, which will make it easy to hang up your biking gear.

Plan Ahead

Potential storage options can be as simple or as complex and large as you desire. Therefore you will need to establish what kind of space you have to work with. If you have a small garage and you are still planning on keeping your vehicles in there, it won’t be feasible to add large cabinetry lining on the walls. However, if you are not sure how to organize your garage, you can ask the professionals to give you some advice and ideas.

As you can see, you certainly won’t be suffering from a lack of choices when you’re looking into garage storage racks. There are all kinds of storage systems available, so you need to evaluate your options carefully. Think about what you are looking to store, what kind of space you have to work with and how much you can afford to help make your decision as easy as possible.

Be Safe With UV Protection Clothing On Your Trails

With the scorching sun above our heads, we know better to use UV protection clothing so we don’t harm our skins. The sun is the number one cause of skin cancer or a melanoma all around the world. This can easily be avoided by taking special precautions from when you are young. This includes getting some UV protection clothing for when you are hitting the trails or spending most of your time outdoors.

World Health Organization

Most people go to work each day walking along in the sun, driving far distances with their arm or part of their body in the sun or hitting the trails with your bike. Without even realizing it, you are putting yourself at risk for skin cancer, where you could just get the best sun protection clothing. Studies by the World Health Organization have shown that 48 thousand people die each year from Melanoma, and this is not even the most common form of skin cancer. It only accounts for 75 percent of skin cancer related deaths. This is why it is so important to take the safety measures seriously.


Dangers Of The Sun

You should not be in the sun between 11 and 3, which is when the UV rays are at their most potent. You should also always wear sunscreen with a high UV protection factor. The best is to use 30 or more. You should also wear a sun hat and sunglasses, which should also have an SPF (sun protection factor). There are so many different types of sun protective clothing out there whether it is for biking, hiking, boating, camping or fishing. Womens, men’s and plus size clothing as well as for kids and babies. Aside from this you can choose accessories, swimwear, and SPF hats.

Protected While Stylish

These are great looking items that are all in the latest trends and fashions, so that you feel comfortable at all times. The misconception about UV protection clothing is that it will look strange and cover your entire body, be thick, and not look very flattering. This is not true at all, and there are tons of different companies that you can look at for excellent clothing to keep the entire family safe from the harmful rays of the sun.

The most important thing to remember when choosing these UV protection clothing items is to choose things that you would normally wear when you are in the sun. This does not mean just for by the pool, but when you are travelling or basically being anywhere outdoors. The swimwear on the other hand is something that is also very important, because this is probably when you are in the sun for the longest period of time. Going on bike tours or just being an “easy rider” means being in direct sunlight for most of the trail. Getting the right biking gear will benefit your health and keep you safe as long as you are outdoors.

Physical Therapy Helps You Stay On Top Of Your Game

With any kind of sport or activity, an injury can cause you to need physical therapy. When hitting the trails or going on tour, your body takes a lot of strain. Tender muscles, back and joint pain is very common in these situations which is why you need physical therapy to help release this tension.

A Physical Therapy Ultrasound

fort-myers-labelle-chiropractic-ultrasound-300x200Physical therapy ultrasound is just one passive modality of physical therapy. Passive modalities are any treatments done to the patient, rather than the patient being active and performing an exercise or some other form of active treatment. People suffering from joint and muscle pain may find ultrasound effective at relieving pain. Physical therapy ultrasound utilizes heat and sound waves to administer pain relief without causing any pain.

The Uses Of Ultra Sound

Many patients wonder, what is ultrasound in physical therapy? People commonly think of pregnancy when they hear the term ultrasound because expectant mothers receive at least one ultrasound during pregnancy. But ultrasound has other uses besides showing an internal picture of the stomach. The high frequency sound waves caused by the ultrasound machine causes the tissues to vibrate. This vibration draws blood into the tissues and the added nutrients from the blood help speed up the healing process of damaged tissues and muscles.

If a patient is experiencing a lot of pain during active exercise therapy, ultrasound can be used to help warm and loosen the muscles before treatment. The use of ultrasound before exercise can also help increase the range of motion so that patients can benefit even more from exercise treatment. Physical therapy ultrasound is used in conjunction with other passive modalities to provide a full treatment plan for patients.

The Hydrotherapy Modality

1344432419 (1)Hydrotherapy is the use of water to relax muscles and relieve pain. Water pressure and temperature play key roles in effective hydrotherapy treatments. Physical therapists may recommend that patients utilize hot tubs or pools and water massages for chronic pain management. Exercises done in the water are also effective treatments for building strength and flexibility without performing a lot of weight bearing exercises.

The Hot/Cold Modality

The application of hot and cold is a common treatment in physical therapy. Warmth, like that experienced from a heating pad or ultrasound probe, increases blood flow and helps to remove waste from the cells. It also helps the muscles to relax and can provide a short increase in a person’s range of motion.

Cold, like that experienced from a cold gel pack or ice pack, helps restrict the blood vessels, which results in less swelling from sprains and other injuries. The results of cold therapy seem to last longer than heat therapy, so many therapists will alternate between hot and cold for the best results.

The Massage Modality

Massage is another modality that increases blood circulation. The warmth caused by the kneading and pressure applied during massage warms the tissues and allows cell waste to leave the tissues. Massage also helps to work out muscle spasms, and the therapist can focus on one area to help relieve pain.

All of the above modalities work together in the field of physical therapy to provide pain relief and management. Physical therapy ultrasound can be used in conjunction with any of the other modalities, but specifically with the hot and cold modality. The ultimate goal of physical therapists is to use passive therapies that help patients complete active therapies for an overall complete sense of health and well-being.

Advanced Physical Therapy Treatments Help Athletes

Athletes can receive advanced physical therapy to help prevent and treat sports injuries. Sports medicine is one of the most common areas of physical therapy, with many clinics working directly with high school and college teams as the main therapy provider. Professional sports teams also work with sport therapists who can provide on-site advanced physical therapy and travel with the team.

Sports Specific Physical Therapy

Physical Therapist Working with PatientAthletes experience frequent injuries and commonly turn to injections of steroids to reduce pain. However, this temporary fix does not heal the injury but only masks the pain caused by the injury. Specific exercises and treatment can put an athlete on the road to recovery without the need for medications or injections.

Common Sports Injuries

These sports injuries include:

  • muscle cramps
    shin splints
    ankle sprains
    knee sprains

These injuries happen because of weakened tissues and because of individual physio makeup. Advanced physical therapy practices help patients strengthen the physiological makeup of their bodies, while at the same time treating the injury.

Infrastructure Weaknesses

These include:

  • inflexibility
    lack of balance
    weak rotator muscles
    poor posture and spinal strength

Tissue training involves repetitive exercises that help build up tissue strength for recovering sports injuries. Manual therapy includes stretching and joint mobilization to help increase mobility. Items such as kinesio tape and stability balls help reduce pain and swelling and strengthen the core.

Therapy Requirements

Every sport has its own set of therapy requirements, and therapists who specialize in sports therapy will work on specific requirements for the sport. Runners need cardiovascular endurance, golfers need a certain range of mobility, and football players need strength and agility. Therapists will not only help athletes improves these areas but provide education about injury prevention.

Physical Therapy For Amateur Athletes

Sports therapy is for more than just professional athletes. Anyone who enjoys working out, running, playing recreational sports, or performing outdoor activities such as hiking, gardening, and biking can receive the same injuries as professional athletes.

PhysicalTherapyPhotoAlbum1ReducedExercise therapy is one way to maintain health and prevent future injuries. Manual therapy such as massage and range of motion exercises are ideal for amateur athletes and physically active people. For older folks who experience pain while doing physical activity, aquatic therapy allows for easier exercising in a non-weight bearing environment.

How To Afford Sports Therapy

Families who need to provide sports therapy for high school athletes may find that insurance doesn’t cover physical therapy treatments. Since most states allow people to seek physical therapy without a physician referral, some insurance companies won’t cover the cost. The American Physical Therapy Association recommends that people contact their insurance provider about coverage. Older patients who are still physically active may find that Medicare does cover physical therapy charges.

Athletes who suffer from chronic pain from past injuries should try advanced physical therapy before filling up on pain medications or getting injections. The one-on-one care plan that therapists can provide takes into consideration an athlete’s goals and focuses on the muscles and tissues relevant to the sport.

The Thrill Called Mountain Biking

The beauty of life lies in doing what you want most and for lovers of nature, there is nothing better than being out in the wild and in the lap of nature. John Howard once said – the bicycle is a curious vehicle. Its passenger is its engine.


A major chunk of the cyclist population around the world would agree with John Howard. Mountain biking is a sport that can de-stress you and leave you in a positive frame of mind. The basic pleasures of biking come from the scenes you see on a trail and the sense of achievement you get once you get to your target. Climbing up on a mountain with your bike may be a physically demanding affair but it also one that exposes you to clean air and pristine sights.

A weekend mountain biking trip is very under-rated. It can be one of the most refreshing experiences ever and you could even get addicted to it. There are little things that you can do to make your cycle-trip even better –

  1. Get your favorite music along. Create a few playlists and get a good pair of earphones. There is nothing sweeter than being in nature’s lap and listening to your favorite genre of music. Music has a way of blending into the nature and the combination of wind in your hair and music flowing in your ears is one that is a very special combination.
  2. Rangefinder

    Popular Rangefinder from Nikon. Image Source:

    Be prepared for the unexpected. Nature has a way of throwing unexpected things at you and in order to deal with things like being lost in the wild or being trapped in the dark, it is always a good idea to prepare yourself before you set out on a trail. A torch and a range finder should be an indispensable part of your backpack. Bring along a few extra batteries as well.

  3. Get your camera along. You may not be a great photographer but wouldn’t you want to take the big moments with you when you’re surrounded by natural beauty? Just like a Nikon range finder, you can find good Nikon cameras that are sleek and sturdy.
  4. Bring a friend along. Traveling in groups is always considered safer but if you wish to make a quiet trip, you can simply bring a friend along. An extra pair of hands can help you get tasks like setting up a camp done in a much easier way.

If you are a mountain person, life on two wheels in the hills would be like finding your holy grail. With proper safety measures and proper preparation, you can have the time of your life with your bicycle in the hills.

Improve Your Sight While Biking

Wearing glasses is sometimes a hassle, especially when it comes to wearing sunglasses. You first have to take off your prescription glasses before you can wear your sunglasses. Except for having to then carry around two pairs of glasses for the rest of the day, once you take off your glasses, you’re as blind as a bat. When you hit the trails, the latter cannot be an issue at all. Having bifocal sunglasses can easily solve this problem as it serves both purposes. Polarized bifocal sunglasses are even better as they serve you with more protection when outdoors in direct sunlight.

Stylish, Yet Protective


There are many different types of polarized bifocal sunglasses on the market today and it is quite easy to get one you really like. Major sunglasses manufactures like Ray Ban and Oakley are making these sunglasses today, making them not only safe, but stylish as well. Some might think that more protection means hideous sunglasses, but this aspect motivated brand manufacturers to start thinking more along the lines of a all-in-one pair. Today, because protecting your eyes from the glare and the sun’s rays like UVA, B and C, you do not need to worry about not feeling stylish while wearing 100% protective sunglasses.

Protection While Biking

No everyone realize the strength of the sun and just as you would protect your skin with sunscreen, you need to protect your eyes from the direct rays of the sun. Sunglasses are not just to protect your eyes when looking at the sun, it protects your eyes from any glare given off objects, sand, roads, water or snow. These glares can also damage your eyes and weaken your eyesight tremendously, leading to further damage in the future. Hitting the biking trails means being in direct sunlight most of the day as you spend most of your time outdoors. Wearing sunglasses can also protect your eyes from dust particles and insects while driving. Some types of sunglasses blocks out the wind if you are traveling at a fast speed, protecting your eyes from drying out while riding.


Purchasing These Sunglasses

There are many local stores that sell these sunglasses, some not having the necessary protection. This is exactly why you should check if the sunglasses you purchase is approved by the Cancer Association. This will assure you that you have full protection at all times when wearing them. If a pair of Oakley’s or Ray Ban’s are a bit out of your price range, you can find second hand sunglasses online. Always make sure that you use a trusted website when dealing online and check if the sunglasses have the real polarization technique added to the lenses before your purchase.

It is important to purchase according to protection and where you intend to wear them. The skin of your eyelids are too thin to protect your eyes from the scorching rays of the sun, making it utterly important to get the right “strength protection” sunglasses. Do not get fooled by buying cheap sunglasses, thinking they have what it takes for protection. Trusted brands are the best way to go in any situation.

Finding A Way To Relax

Going on a biking tour takes a lot out of a person. It is not just about the great scenery and the fun while doing it, it is much more than that. Bikers need to prepare for these tours and make sure that they are fully ready before taking it on. Fitness is of utmost importance and the strain you put yourself through is no jokes. Even being fit, these tours makes you tired and you need to relax your body after this intensity. One of the best ways to do this is to book yourself into a spa. Spa’s can be quite expensive, so if you cannot afford going to a spa every time you finish a biking tour, you might want to think about installing your own spa bathtub. This way you can come home and relax on your own time, as long as you want, without you having to pay top dollar.

Looking At Whirlpool Bathtubs

The whirlpool massage has always been considered a way to soothe the body. The jets can penetrate the body as it provides an intense massage that will leave every part of the body relaxed. Many people have found that having a massage bathtub is like having their own spa at home. Instead of finding a spa around town, they install a whirlpool in their home. The hydro massage whirlpool makers have helped keep the customers happy and relaxed in their own homes.


The Massage Bath Tub

When you need a whirlpool massage, you should look for one that has the jets in just the right areas where your body will sit. If you are going to get a good massage that relaxes the muscles and the rest of your body, it is important that parts of your body can feel the pulsating water from the jets. You want to have the benefits of the massage, so you need more than just two jets. The whirlpool jets work so much better than the older whirlpool attachments for a bathtub because they do have jets spread out in the bathtub.

The Outdoor Hydro Massage Whirlpool Makers

The makers of the hydro massage whirlpool make a tub for the house and one for the outdoors. Many people in warmer and colder climates enjoy the benefits of a massage outdoors. Some of these whirlpools are fit into gazebo styled buildings. It serves the same benefits. The body is in a quiet place while receiving a massage. There are different tubs for indoors and outdoors, so you need to be specific when looking for the right model.

The Benefits

If you want the benefits of a whirlpool massage, you have to check reviews and the different models. Once you have decided where you want to put the tub, you can look at the specific models and decide how you will install it either indoors or outdoors. The tubs that meet the outdoors codes are incased in a wooden frame and resemble the hot tub set up. In fact, the hot tub and the whirlpool are so similar that sometimes it is hard to tell the difference except for the manufacturer’s name.

Outdoor Or Indoor

Where you choose an outdoor or an indoor fixed whirlpool, you will enjoy the relaxing feeling that you have after you have enjoyed the whirlpool jets pulsating the water against the body. Many people have used the whirlpool as a way to relieve stress. The relaxation of the jets can relax the body so much that the days stress melts away.

This alone will make the whirlpool massage well worth the money you spend. Instead of a day at a spa or at the club, you can come home from a hard day and enjoy your very own massage. This can become addicting in most cases. The pulsation of the water just makes the body feel so relaxed and can reduce stress, which can be healthier for the body. After all, everyone wants to find ways to keep the body relaxed and healthy.

Another means of relaxation and tension relief after your tours, is to look at the water massage bed. If you prefer going to a spa or fitness club, these beds will be worth the cost and trip.

A China Water Massage Bed


The healing power of hydrotherapy has been known since ancient times, and is now being incorporated into the design of these phenomenal products. As so much of our bodies are made up of liquid, this type of therapy seems extremely natural to us, and brings us back to a state of calm that is unlike any other. There are some highly advanced models available on the market at the moment that makes use of state of the art technology. Many medical practitioners, as well as those in the Health and Beauty industry, are incorporating hydrotherapy into their work. Its benefits are absolutely astounding for both the body and mind, as it relaxes and soothes in the way only it can.

The Health Benefits

We are constantly in search of methods to alleviate the pressure and stress we place on our bodies, due to our modern lifestyles. Because we are constantly rushing around, we hardly ever find the time to properly relax, and spend time in contemplative and pensive state. Also, our jobs often dictate that we spend a large portion of our daily lives stuck in an office behind a computer screen. While this may be good for our bank balances, it is certainly not very good for our bodies. This sort of inactivity leads to bad posture, and ineffective circulation, resulting in our bodies not being able to function at a level we would like them to. Heat, hydro technology, and the human touch are all beneficial in relieving the pain that we all get used to.

There are so many online reviews available that will tell you the exact specifications of each product, as well as different consumer experiences and health benefits. With these different relaxation equipment, you need not worry about tension or stress whatsoever, because these magnificent relaxation will boost you health. Bikers can do all kinds of biking tours and trails as long as they can come home and relax their bodies.

Fishing And Biking In Alaska

There are many Alaska tour guides who are willing to take you into the wilderness and show you just how much the state has to offer. And of course, along the way, they are going to give you advice on catching fish, biking and just having a great time in the outdoors. Planning a trip to Alaska can be a great experience. While you are planning your fishing trip, you can enjoy biking adventures by going on different biking trails or tours.


Finding The Right Guide For Your Trip

When you are planning a fishing trip, it goes without saying that you need to hire a guide that is trained in the type of fishing that you are most interested in. For instance, are you thinking about saltwater fishing guides and all that they offer? This is a great idea if you are ready to fish in the ocean. On the other hand, fly fishing may be your entire reason for going to Alaska. In this case, you need to hire a guide who excels in this area.


What part of Alaska do you want to visit? This is where your guide comes in as he will be able to recommend the best location. It is important to know where you want to visit, and then begin to search for guides in that particular area. If you are considering Seward Alaska fishing then you need to look for guides in that area. This way you ensure you get a guide with local knowledge and experience. You can also do some research on your own, especially when it comes to biking trails. Your guide will be able to recommend trails or you can ask the locals for the different biking trails available.



While you are on your trip, your guide will teach you a lot about fishing. It is important that you take in what he says so you can build your own knowledge and experience. This being said, as a teacher, your guide needs to have the best experience for you to learn what he knows. Some guides are better than others and it will be a good idea if you do the necessary research before you go on your trip.

If you are willing to pay the money, and can find the right guide in the right location, you are sure to have the time of your life. Homer Alaska fishing charters might be one way to get an experienced guide. These charters have been running for a long time and is usually run by an experienced group of people.

Planning Carefully

It is not mandatory to hire a guide when taking a trip to Alaska, but it can make your trip easier and more successful. Take your time to plan your trip. Depending on how long you want to make your trip, decide whether you would like to take a biking trail first, or do your fishing trip first. Taking your biking trip first will give you a chance to explore the area and speak to the locals about the best fishing spots. This will make it easier for you to decide which area you would like to visit and which fishing guide you need to hire.

Ironman Gravity Review

Ironman Gravity 1000 Inversion Table Review

Many of us suffer from back pain, whether it be lower or upper caused by any number things can can cause stress to your back. This can be a car accident, too much standing or sitting or any other number of circumstances. What are your options to alleviate this pain? For starters you can look into an inversion table, but not just any inversion table the Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table. Lets look below to see the benefits and shortcomings of this table.

What are the benefits of this table?The Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table helps take away tension on your upper and lower back by realigning the vertabrae of your spine to their natural position of being equally spaced apart. Also, you will have the benefit of better flexibility and blood flow circulation to your body. You will also be able to do a number of stretches or other exercises that would normally be much too difficult to perform otherwise.What are some of the pros to this table?Apart from what is mentioned above, this table will allow a 300 pound, 6 feet 6 inches tall person to use the table comfortably and easily while being able to invert 180 degrees if need be. The table is durably constructed with an tubular steel frame, powder-coat finish and a nylon backrest made for punishment. It comes with stabilizers, made from rubber, to prevent skidding while using the table. This table comes with molded, padded ankle cushions and foam covered safety bars to help lower you into position. It also comes with vinyl covers for the side to protect your hands and fingers while in use and a spring loaded safety lock for locking in your position so you will not have to worry about straining yourself while trying to stay in the same position for any length of time. if you ever need to move the table, it is light-weight and can be folded easily making it convenient if you are on the go.What are the cons?

Although this is a great product, it does come with several drawbacks. The first thing that comes to mind is if you are a person that is taller than 6 feet 6 inches or weighs more than 300 pounds, then this table can not accommodate you. The ankle braces, although well made, can become uncomfortable with extended amounts of use depending on the individual. Another problem with this table, is that the table lack lumbar support, inverting stretch hand grips and an ab core training function. Overall, these are minor drawbacks that should be considered when deciding on an inversion table.

The company that produces the aforementioned inversion table, Ironman, has been around since 2007 and stands by it’s claim of 100% satisfaction guaranteed and an option to return the table after 30 days if you are not happy with your purchase. Thank you for reading and I hope this has informed you better before purchasing an Ironman Gravity 1000 inversion table.